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Danville-Neel Elementary School welcomes new staff members

Tara Green Morrow welcomes new staff members to Danville-Neel Elementary School: Ashton Hill, Bree Drake and Branningan Crawley Edde in kindergarten; Alyson Sharp in first grade; Savannah Robinson, Nikki Ward and Abby Young in third grade; Hannah Keenum in fourth grade; and Katie Oliver, Jessica Fitzgerald, Kristy Anders and Sandy Hensley in the cafeteria. 

Falkville Fire and Rescue Activities 

The members of Falkville Fire and Rescue express belated happy birthday wishes to fellow member Steven Gay, who celebrated his birthday June 17. Steven is so dedicated that he was at the training at the department even on his birthday. Thank you for your service to your community. 

The Falkville Fire and Rescue Department recently took delivery of a Firefighter Assistance Search Team Board from Fast Rescue Solutions. According to the department members, this is an invaluable tool that will assist personnel in removing downed firefighters and victims from dangerous situations quickly. 

Oakville Indian Mounds Park Museum Announcement 

The Water/Ways exhbit will be coming to the Oakville Indian Mounds from July 1 through Aug. 14. This is a traveling Smithsonian Museum on Main Street exhibit.  

The Museum and Park have thousands of artifacts on display, wonderful hiking trails, fishing opportunities and abundant wildlife. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy all of these wonderful activities.   

For more information about the special activities, please call 256-905-2499. The Oakville Indian Mounds Park and Museum is located at 1219 County Road 187, Danville.