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Morgan County Arrest Reports   May 27 through June 3 

Amoni Victoria Hodge, 24, harassment 

Yler Ray Bodine, 21, exceeding reasonable road speed  

Dustin Michael Sperier, 36, public intoxication 

Jessy Kirk Lancaster, 34, attempting to elude police officer, reckless endangerment, drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver or sell, reckless driving, resisting arrest, switched tag 

Jason Patrick Duke, 35, theft 

Brandon Osborne, 27, public intoxication, harboring a fugitive 

Frank Mason Wyman, 41, open container 

Devon Kyle Morgan, 26, drug paraphernalia 

Jennifer Nicole Tungate, 37, obstruction of government operations 

Bobby Daryl Hamblen, 60, public intoxication 

Seth Adam Bond, 40, destruction of property, buying/receiving stolen property, theft 

Joshua Aaron Kirby, 36, obstructing police 

Christiopher Thomas Campbell, 34, tampering with physical evidence, possession of dangerous drugs, non-support-child 

Tristion Edward Stewart, 20, possession of marijuana 

Donald Lekeith Kizart, 46, public intoxication 

Nathan Larry Parson, 49, transporting or importing alcoholic beverages 

Charles Cameron Hill, 44, public intoxication 

Steven Chance Burns, 36, unauthorized use of vehicle, driving with suspended insurance 

Adam Abraham Ashirifi, 22, reckless driving 

William Luke Bond Jr., 39, texting while driving 

Joseph Wayne Jackson, 27, operating vehicle without insurance 

McKinley Titus Morrow, 43, theft of property, breaking and entering auto 

Joel Aaron Dewitt, 63, resisting arrest 

Jedadiah Sabastain Thurman, 25, reckless driving, driving while license suspended, operating vehicle with expired tag, drug paraphernalia 

Zachary Adam Lindsey, 23, driving under the influence 

Deborah Jean Miller, 63, possession of marijuana 

Terry Jackson Whitley, 48, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest 

Ashley Summer Hembree, 37, driving under the influence 

Christopher Dale Smith Jr., 35, drug paraphernalia 

Kenneth Dale Roade, 45, public intoxication, open container 

Cameron Jarod Edwards, 28, public intoxication 

Daia Michelle Church, 23, running red light, driving with license suspended, drug paraphernalia, drug trafficking 

Jonathan Bruce Griffin, 37, dangerous drugs 

Raymond Anthony Devoe, 54, disorderly conduct 

Marcos Osorio Ortiz, 41, entering and remaining in building/fenced property 

Adrienne Lynn Tisdale, 33, public intoxication 

Steven Gabriel Parmer, 23, possession of marijuana, no/improper tag light, drug paraphernalia 

Jessica Michele Haney, 32, theft 

Trevain Cortez Williams, 23, driving while license suspended, driving under the influence 

Marride Shane Morris, 29 theft, dangerous drug possession with intent to deliver or sell 

Walter Raymond Morrow, 32, sodomy, strangulation, chemical endangerment of a child 

Riley Alred Hokett, 50, possession of tax paid alcoholic beverages for private use 

Eric Dwain Fowler, 49, purchase, consumption, possession, transportation of alcohol, open container, driving under the influence, exceeding reasonable road speed 

Michael Brian Patterson, 37, drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver or sell, disorderly conduct 

Derrick Ray Allen, 40, public intoxication 

Valerie Karla Johnson-Byrd, 52, open container, failure to stop 

Chad Forrest Cooper, 26, public intoxication 

Montgomery Thomas Lewis III, 35, theft 

James Lawrence Sieglock, 58, driving while license suspended, possession of illegal prescription drug 

Jerome Vincent Gamble, 33, possession of marijuana 

Tony Joe Crow, 52, possession of methamphetamine 

Francilia Vernee Sharpley, 37, changing lane without proper signal, driving with license suspended, driving under the influence, running red light 

Jessica Amanda Adams, 29, public intoxication 

Derrick Ray Allen, 40, public intoxication 

Clifford Terral Malone, 47, possession of dangerous drugs, driving under the influence 

John Edgar Ellis Jr., 53, running red light, violation of domestic violence protection order 

Joshua Lamar Taylor, 40, drug paraphernalia, possession of narcotics 

James Martin Busby, 54, resisting arrest, public intoxication, indecent exposure 

Megan Nicolette Westfall, 34, tampering with physical evidence, manufacture of a controlled substance 

Rodderick Deyoun Wiggins, 40, trafficking cocaine 

Dakota Quintorrian Long, 23, drug trafficking 

Jason Ray Hill, 40, theft of property 

Terry Jackson Whitley, 48, terrorist threat, assault, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest 

Ashley Nichole Lindley, 37, burglary 

Heather Partain, 45, theft of services 

Jason Patrick Henderson, 47, drug trafficking, carrying pistol without permit, possession of marijuana  

Tonya Michelle Gay, 33, possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia with intent to deliver or sell 

Seth Adam Bond, 40, unlawful breaking and entering, buying and receiving stolen property, theft