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Books of the Week May 24 – 28

Title: “Surviving Savannah” 

Author: Patti Callahan 

Reading Level: Adult 

Everly Winthrop is a history professor in Savannah, Ga. She loves solving puzzles and enjoying Savannah’s lush history.  

Everly is asked to curate a museum exhibit featuring lost artifacts from the famous sunken steamboat, Pulaski. The mystery of what happened to a prominent Savannah family of 11 is finally unearthed.  

As she puts the exhibit together, Everly discovers so much more about that fateful night in 1838 and how it affects her present-day life. 

“Surviving Savannah” is a history lover’s dream. You get emerged into all things 1838, understanding the good and the bad of Savannah back then. It comes alive in the pages as a young woman solves multiple mysteries of the past and of the present.  

Patti Callahan, an Alabama author, has gone above and beyond in her research for this novel. The characters are fictitious; however, they are based on real people in real places, in events that actually took place.  

The Pulaski has been called the Titanic of the South and for good reason.  

The library has this extraordinary book ready for check out!     

Book: To Have and to Hoax 

Author: Martha Waters 

Reading Level: Young Adult/Adult 

Lady Violet Grey’s first season in London starts off slow. However, she finds herself falling in love and engaged to the Lord James Audley. The beginning of their marriage is happy and full of love. Everyone is pleased that they are a love match. But, one argument ends their happiness. 

Five years into their marriage, the spouses barely speak. Violet receives a letter saying her husband in possibly going to die. She rushes to his side only to find out that he is perfectly fine. Her anger causes her to enact revenge against him. Violet claims to have a terminal illness that will require him to stay by her side. However, James knows it’s a ruse and plays along. Will they learn to love each other again? 

This book is great for readers who love books like The Duke and I and Pride and Prejudice. The setting for this book is Regency England. The characters struggle with their feelings and what society is telling them to do. This is a must read for lovers of Romance and Hijinks.