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Books of the Week April 26 – 30

TitleA Deal with the Elf King 

Author: Elisa Kova 

Reading Level: Young adult 

In another world, elves, fairiesvampires and werewolves exist in another plane. To keep the balance between them and the mortal world, the Elf King must take a human queen.  

This queen wields the power of creation and life. She is the opposite of the Elf King’s powers of destruction and mayhem.  

Luella only wanted to be her village’s healer. She is exceptionally gifted with healing the sick, using remedies of her own making.  

When the Elf King comes to the human world to find his hidden queen, Luella is revealed to be her. The Elf King takes her, and her new life begins. 

This book is great for young adult and adult readers who love fantasy and romance. This novel is filled with magic and the enemiestolovers trope.  

TitleWhen I Eat Plants 

Author: Mary Parkinson 

Illustrator: Imani Dumas 

Reading Level: Ages 4-9 

This book nourishes the soul of children while showing them how the choice of eating plants affects the greater world.  

The simplistic, multicultural drawings will inspire all children to make choices with nature in mind.  

This book is intended for families encouraging vegetarian and vegan lifestyles for their children. 

For all the vegetarian and vegan eaters out there, at the back of this book are a few recipes to try. These are simple meals to introduce to young kids. After that there is a page with 10 Food for Thought Facts to discover and start a conversation with your kids.