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Letter from the Editor

There is something special about this issue of Hartselle Living. The interviews I conducted for this magazine felt less like interviews and more like conversations with old friends.  

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed writing the stories. I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: That’s what I love about Hartselle Living and one thing I love about Hartselle – the power of a connection that brings people together. The power of a story to put a smile on your face or warm your heart toward another person is a powerful thing.  

Something else that is great about this city we all call home: The stories I’m privileged to play a role in telling every week – and in every issue of the magazine – are out there if you look for them.  

Sometimes you don’t have to look that hard, either. Sometimes they are emailed to you on a silver platter and make you wish you had known Lisa Howell-Baxter when you got married a year ago. I think I will have her paint one of my wedding photos anyway, and I’m glad I get to share her story and the photos of her amazing artwork in Hartselle Living.  

People in Hartselle are doing amazing things every day. Take Keegan Zanda as another example. He is a Hartselle High School student-athlete who is setting records and making history every time he makes a goal. You can read more about his story and his future plans in our School & Sports section.  

From Oliwia’s Shave Ice on Railroad Street to the story about a local couple’s adoption journey, this magazine is full of summertime sweetness.  

If you know a good story that needs to be told, my email door is always open.  

Thanks for reading!