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Books of the Week March 29 – April 2

TitlePeter Easter Frog 

Author: Erin Dealey 

Illustrator: G. Brian Karas 

Reviewer: Sarah Laughmiller 

Peter Frog sure can hop, and boy does he love Easter! So, he becomes Peter Easter Frog and hops along, passing out his own Easter eggs.  

While hopping along, he picks up some friends along the way. They help him carry his many eggs, hide them and pass them out.  

And then, all of a sudden, they come across the Easter Bunny.  

The Easter Bunny tells them what he thinks of them being his helpers, and the kindness Peter Easter Frog shows is the kind of kindness we need more of in the world.  

As you read along, you will surely be singing to the tune of Peter Cotton Tail.  

This is a wonderful book to read to your little ones during your Easter celebration. It’s light and funny and will bring a smile to your face no matter your age.  

It’s brand new and ready to be checked out.  

Come see us at the library. We have many new Easter and spring arrivals waiting just for you! 


Title: “Sloth Wasn’t Sleepy 

Author: Kate Messner 

Illustrator: Valentina Toro 

Reviewer: Sarah Laughmiller 

Bad dreams, a hard day, scary sounds. These are a few of things that keep us wide awake at night.  

Thankfully, Mama Sloth knows how to help you calm your mind and slip into an easy sleep. You will see Mama Sloth share her secrets for a restful night with her daughter.  

As you read along, you will see how to release your fears and let them float away.  

This helps Sloth sink into a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Sloth Wasn’t Sleepy is a wonderful bedtime book for young children. The visualization of the breeze flowing through the night air and doing the gentle calming breathing with sweet little Sloth sets your mind at ease. It makes you want to drift away with her.  

This book has comfort written all over it, from Sloth’s mama wanting to protect and help her sleep, to the soft words written on the page.  

The illustrations match it well. The cool tones and simply sweet lines and strokes flow so well with the written words.  

This new addition to the library is perfect for naptime, bedtime or anytime. Come see us at the library to check it out!