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Books of the Week March 15 – 19

TitleDo Not Let Your Dragon Spread Germs 

Author: Julie Gassman 

Illustrator: Andy Elkerton 

I read this book to my 5-year-old son and 4-year-old granddaughter, and they loved it!    

Author Julie Gassman does an incredible job using rhyming text to highlight healthy habits to keep dragons – and people – from spreading their germs. This wonderful book encourages participation of listeners with the repeating refrain of “Do not let your dragons spread germs!”    

Andy Elkerton is a great illustrator and does a tremendous job of enhancing the text with his vivid artwork that makes you laugh on almost every page. 

Hope to see you soon at the library! 

TitleThe Children’s Blizzard 

Author: Melanie Benjamin 

Do you need a good cry? This book will give it to you.   

The Children’s Blizzard is historical fiction, based on actual events from the January 1888 blizzard that struck without any warning, catching prairie settlers unprepared and many teachers with the impossible task of keeping their students alive.    

On a relatively warm Monday, after being locked up at home because of the extreme cold during the previous week, the settlers’ children are ready to be free of the confines of their homes. Many children wrap up in light shawls, hats and lightweight coats for their walks to school, leaving their heavier winter clothing airing out on clotheslines.  

The blizzard strikes just as many teachers are releasing students for the day. 

Ms. Benjamin skillfully combines oral reports and historical facts to create an excellent storyline focusing on two teachers who are sisters.  

One sister is going to become the shining star of courage, strength and heroism. Her decisions save the lives of all but two of her students. The other sister makes a fatal decision, costing the lives of all of her students and destroying her future. 

I will say at times this book is just a bit wordy in places, but it is an excellent book. Get those tissues next to you because you are going to need them!   

This book is available at the William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle as an audiobook.   

Hope to see you soon at the library!