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Welcome new members! 

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*New Members from Nov. 25, 2020, to Jan. 29, 2021 

HACC Membership has its privileges! 

As we take the time to welcome our newest members, we want to extend an open invitation to join us! With your membership, you will join like-minded business owners, large and small, who have committed to advancing the economic, industrial, commercial, educational, professional, cultural and civic welfare of Hartselle and the surrounding areas – and there definitely is strength in numbers! 

 The fundamental mission of the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce is to build our community through business, ensuring the socioeconomic vitality of the Hartselle area. As a Chamber member, you will have access to a growing network of business and industry leaders who have recognized the benefit of joining together for the greater good. 

A chamber of commerce is a membership organization that advocates on behalf of local businesses. It is backed by a board comprising business people from the local community. The chamber is a resource, advocate and connector for business. It is not a government entity, although it does work with local elected leaders to help create a positive business environment. lot goes on at the local, state and federal levels – too much for the average business owner to track on their own. The Chamber tracks these issues and keeps you informed as to how any changes might affect you and your business. 

As a member, you will be eligible to sponsor various events organized by the Chamber. The Chamber coordinates many events throughout the year, including Depot Days, which draws more than 20,000 people to our city. Other annual events include the Cinderella Ball, Christmas Open House, Teacher Appreciation and the State of the City. Monthly events, including networking events and ribbon cuttings, are put together by the Chamber for Chamber members, as well. 

By networking, you get to know others in your community, develop partnerships and support other businesses. If your business is ever in need, you’ll have a community of business owners to turn to for help. 

Maximize your membership by not only joining the Chamber but getting involved in it. The Chamber offers five task forces for increased involvement: Governmental Affairs and Advocacy, Leadership and Networking, Workforce and Education, Business Development and Community Enhancement. These task forces offer a way for you to deepen your involvement in the Chamber and the community by working with other business leaders to address more targeted issues that affect the entire community.  

Membership definitely has its privileges and is likely less expensive than you think. The cost to join is dependent on the size of your business, but the benefits that come with your membership far outweigh the monetary cost to join. 

– Missy Evans  


HACC Total Resource Campaign 2021 

Each year, the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce executes the Total Resource Campaign with a mission of developing the leadership and financial resources of the Chamber through a six-week, all-volunteer effort focused on securing business sponsors for the Chamber’s comprehensive program of work and attracting new members. 

The purpose of the TRC is to generate revenue for the Chamber to carry out its mission of building a healthy economy and improving the quality of life in the Hartselle area. Many member businesses find that being identified with the Chamber is a positive opportunity for their business. The Chamber’s programs, newsletters and events are excellent ways for businesses to promote the products and services they provide to the community while also sponsoring the Chamber.  

Be on the lookout for our capable and responsible volunteer team to secure your HACC sponsorships for 2021! 

Check out our website calendar of events at for upcoming events! 


HACC Young Professionals 

The HACC Young Professionals’ purpose is to engage individuals who want to develop and advance their careers, to make a positive impact on the community and to boost their leadership potential. 

 The HACC Young Professionals facilitate growth opportunities by hosting: 

  • Quarterly organized functions 
  • Monthly informal networking gatherings 
  • Regular professional development events 

Membership criteria: professionals from 2140 years of age 

HYP applications are accepted year-round. If you are interested in becoming a member of the HACC Young Professionals, check them out online.  You can also follow them on Facebook  and Instagram.