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North Alabama Food Bank serves 11 counties

The North Alabama Food Bank serves 11 counties and has seen the need triple and even quadruple in some areas.

Throughout the 11-county coverage area, the network has 230 feeding partners, from small soup kitchens to large homeless shelters. The food bank has a partner in Hartselle, the Hartselle Church of the Nazarene, and also the Carpenters Cabinet Ministries in Falkville. There are also two in Somerville and more in Decatur.

In the month of December, the food bank distributed more than 1.5 million pounds of food, which was a new record.

There is still an enormous need, and many of the people the food bank serves are seeking food assistance for the first time in their lives. The food bank is also having to do more to meet the needs of working people as so many are underemployed or having to face large medical debt.

During COVID-19, the food bank’s purchasing has nearly doubled.

If anyone would like to help, there are two ways to donate that are contactless: You can drop food by their location in Huntsville, at 2000-B Vernon Ave. – and there is a blue bin outside the front door during office hours so people can donate food without making contact with anyone – or you can also go to their website at

The food bank’s biggest food needs are canned or shelf-stable proteins, such as canned tuna and peanut butter. They also have a need for baby food, diapers and wipes.

The food bank staff thanks everyone for their support. The food bank is able to provide seven meals to people fighting to overcome food insecurity for every dollar donated. All help and support is greatly appreciated and put to good use helping others.

Danville-Neel Elementary School News

Congratulations go out this week to the Danville-Neel Elementary School Spelling Bee winners. Spelling Bee Champion for the school is Holt Moore, who is a third-grader. The second-place winner was Graysi Vest, and the third-place winner

was Tinsley Wallace.

The Danville-Neel Elementary School staff are very proud of all of their participants.