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New event replaces Christmas at E.A.R.T.H. Park

Christmas at E.A.R.T.H. Park has been postponed until next year, but a replacement event that will run until after Jan. 1 is in the works, according to Hartselle Beautification Association Director Carolyn Wallace.

In place of the event, Wallace said a Candyland themed scene is being designed and built by team members at Sonoco, and it will be on display at the park throughout the month of December for the public to enjoy.

Wallace said the public will be able to walk through the park while socially distanced, which is recommended to help mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19. The scenes will be lit around the clock thanks to an inground hook up by Hartselle Utilities.

“Hopefully we can lift everyone’s spirts for Christmas,” Wallace said.

Last year, Wallace explained, “we had a little program where all the students came and sang. We had refreshments provided by Life Church. We knew it would probably have to be different, but we waited so long in hopes that things would get better.

“To do the event, Hartselle Beautification would have had to order the trees months ago, so we just decided that this would be the best option,” she said. “This is a wonderful thing; I can’t say enough about Sonoco stepping up and doing this.”

Kathleen Davis with Sonoco said a team of six is working on building the sets they hope to put up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

“We’ve kind of planned it to look like the gameboard Candyland,” Davis said. “So, we will have some pavers on the ground that will lead to one area that will be the Lollipop Woods, and we will have another area that will be the Peppermint Forrest and Gumdrop Mountain.

“We are hoping to have this right after Thanksgiving, and it will run through Jan. 4.”