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Books of the Week Oct. 2 – 6

TitleBear Feels Scared 

Author: Karma Wilson 

Illustrator: Jane Chapman 

Reading Level: 2.3 

This is a fantastic book to open a discussion with young children about feeling scared.  

Author Karma Wilson tells a simple story of a large bear that gets lost in a storm as night falls.  Poor Bear huddles next to a tree, feeling scared and alone. Bear’s friends are waiting for him at home and soon become worried.  

They set out to rescue him, and soon everyone is back home safe. 

I love the way the author uses a great big bear to illustrate how anyone can become scared and need their friends to help them.  Bear’s friends are much smaller than he is but are still there for him and comfort him. 

Hope you stop by the library soon to check out this book! Happy reading! 

Title: “Everything Beautiful in its Time: Seasons of Love and Loss 

Author: Jenna Bush Hager  

In this audiobook, Jenna shares intimate stories about her grandparents and her parents. She writes anecdotes and lessons she wants her children to learn in the future. Included in her book are letters, text messages and remembrances of her grandparents.  

This is a charming book we have as both a hardback and an audiobook available for check out at the William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle.  

We are updating our audiobook section, and we have purchased 30 more audiobooks in different genres. A few of the new titles are “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” “Wrapped Up in Christmas,” “Llama Unleashes The Alpacalypse,” “I Still Believe” and “Tell Me a Story: My Life with Pat Conroy. All of the new titles are available for check out at the William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle.