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No need to complain

By Randy Garrison 


This past Sunday at Hartselle First United Methodist Church, Pastor Mike Pope used the text of Exodus 15:22-27, in which the children of Israel complained about bitter water and Moses, following God’s command, made the water fit to drink by throwing a piece of wood into it.  

His sermon title was “Bitter or Sweet.” 

This sermon spoke to me in a number of ways. One thought I had is how we say we trust in the Lord – until times get rough and then not so much. 

After the children of Israel had experienced the angel of death passing over homes where the lamb’s blood was applied, one would think they would know the Lord would take care of them.  

All those same folks watched as the Lord parted the Red Sea so they could cross over, and then when Pharaoh’s army was in the middle, He caused the waters to fill back in and over the advancing army, which drowned all the army and stopped the pursuit of the Israelite nation. 

However, just a few days later, when they found themselves in the desert and the water was bitter, they complained to Moses – the same Moses who had led them to freedom and followed God’s commands to safely help the people cross the Red Sea. 

Most of us would think that after having seen the miracles, we would not have doubted Moses’ ability to lead or lost our trust in God. But here we are, many thousands of years later, and we find it so easy to complain and grumble when things do not go our way or we find ourselves drinking the bitter water of life. 

Folks are so willing to complain, grumble and get angry because they do not agree with a political party or government decisions; their kid did not make a sports’ team; the road was being paved at the wrong time of day; and so many other reasons. 

It seems we think that if things do not go the way we think they should, complaining will make a big difference. However, this only gets more folks angry and upset, and the problem – or socalled problem – compounds itself. 

However, this scripture also brings to light that God is in control. His will always will be done. He loves us and has healed us. Now the healing might come on the other side, in glory, but it will occur.  

Bitter will be made sweet sometime in the future. 

I am going to work on trusting Him more, complaining less and being thankful for my many blessings and to seek His will in my life.  

I am not going to waste precious time complaining and grumbling but use that time to look for the “sweet” in the life He offers.