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Council approves agreement with Peters Design Company to rebrand city

Members of the Hartselle City Council unanimously voted to approve an addendum to the agreement with Leonard Designs, the architect in charge of the new municipal building, authorizing a rebranding of the city logo that comes with a price tag of $18,500.  

Peters Design Company will develop 10-15 rough sketches of the new logo for the City of Southern Hospitality, according to the agreement passed at the regular council meeting Oct. 12. Mayor Randy Garrison said the design company, that has partnered with large corporations including Target, Amazon and T.J. Maxx, will also design specialized logos for each city department. Garrison added public input on the new designs will be sought.  

Councilman Dwight Tankersley during the work session said he was in support of the addendum, but only if the city was committed to implementing it fully.  

“The only thing I ask if that if we commit to doing this that we once we put it on the building, we spend the money to go ahead and put it on the vehicles and change the sign everywhere,” Tankersley said.  

“If we’re going to do it, we gave to go all in. I’m not in favor of spending the money to develop it if we’re not going to implement it.”  

Garrison agreed, saying that the new logo will serve as a full rebranding of the City of Hartselle. “The logo wouldn’t only be for the building, we would use it throughout the city,” he said. “Basically, it’s an addendum to the cost of the building.”  

In other business, the council also: 

  • Approved Ordinance 1527 that annexes a portion of Lando Cain Road and incorporates it into the corporate area of Hartselle; and Ordinance 1528 to rezone the annexed property as R-5, keeping with the use approved in the master layout plan approved for Cain Park by the Hartselle Planning Commission.  
  • Approved Ordinance 1529 that rezones a one-acre lot and a single-family residence on Highway 31 South from B-1 (local shopping) to R-1 (single-family residential.)  
  • Approved and adopted Ordinance 1532 that authorizes the issuance of General Obligation Warrants that will refund the 2010A, 2010D and 2012 bonds the city holds in advance. This will have the city approximately $1,565,000 in interest payments, which equates to 18 percent of present value savings  
  • Approved a budget transfer for the Hartselle Police Department due to a 3 percent vendor increase.