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Happy New Year, fiscally speaking

By Randy Garrison
For the Enquirer

The City of Hartselle as many other municipalities and governmental organizations operates on a fiscal year, which runs from October 1 until September 30. As of last Thursday the City is operating under year 2020-2021.

The City of Hartselle ended the previous year on a sound note again, financially. Personally I refer to a good year as one in which the City takes in more revenue than was budgeted and has an increase over the previous year. Also, a plus when expenses finish below budgeted numbers, and with all expenses paid. Hartselle finished 2019-2020 on the positive side of all four of these budgeted and fiscal categories.

Alcohol tax also saw an increase over the previous year. This revenue stream has grown each year for the past four years. I also credit this increase with aiding overall increase in sales tax. Reports show that when folks left the city to purchase alcohol they also took other dollars to those areas as well. With the alcohol taxes staying local so are other purchases as well. Also, there has not been an increase in costs related to this revenue stream.

Alcohol taxes are also shared with Hartselle City Schools. This year the remainder after the school share will once again be used towards the cost of another new fire engine. The new engine when delivered next year, will replace a 2010 model that will move to reserve status. The 2018 model purchased a couple of years ago was also funded largely with alcohol taxes collected in the first couple of years.

I would be remiss if time was not taken to thank all of folks who support the City of Hartselle with their purchases and spending. This support from the citizens of Hartselle, those who live in Hartselle but outside corporate limits, and surrounding communities who shop Hartselle, has been great this past year. While many municipalities have experienced financial down turns, the City of Hartselle has been blessed in this area.

 I would also like to thank all of our local businesses who choose to operate in Hartselle. Whether a mom & pop small business, larger independent businesses, downtown business or corporate business you are appreciated by all in the city. Speaking for all, you are greatly appreciated and each sale or service you offer to folks makes a difference in our city.

Now, I would think some of the increase in revenue has come from folks not traveling out of the city to work, with so many working from home due to COVID-19. This has had an impact on the City’s coffers this year, also. However, we will suffice with a positive note believing that Hartselle folks want to support Hartselle and realize spending their dollars inside the city improves the lives of everyone who lives, works, plays and worships in the city.

The City of Hartselle has plans in place with a 2020-2021 balanced budget to continue to improve services and the way of life for all who call Hartselle home.

I am proud and blessed to serve alongside many great folks who are hard at work for Hartselle’s citizens. These folks include the City Council, City Attorney, Hartselle City Schools, Hartselle Utilities, Hartselle Chamber, state and federal legislative officials, state and county elected officials and as always, our dedicated city employees, as well as many others, involved in city operations.

Please join with me in giving thanks to God for His continued blessings to our city. God is good, all the time.