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Arrest Reports Sept. 11-30

Mathew W. Lewis, 7-8-1984, Hartselle. Theft of property, fourth degree, possession of marijuana, second degree, possession of drug paraphernalia and attempting to elude a police officer. 

David Michael Grzybowski, 10-16-2981, Hartselle. Theft of property, third degree. 

Jeffrey Allen Williams, 10-14-1961, Hartselle. Driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Demetrius Dushawn Johnson, 3-17-1995, Decatur. Illegal possession of prescription drugs. 

Lindsay Suzanne Young, 11-23-1979, Hartselle. Theft of property, third degree. 

Charles Cameron Hill, 3-8-1977, Hartselle. Possession of marijuana, second degree, and possession drug paraphernalia.  

James Edward Welc, 5-4-1965, Hartselle. Theft of property, fourth degree. 

Charles Cameron Hill, 3-8-1977, Hartselle. Public intoxication and assault with bodily fluids. 

Kenneth Dale Roden, 9-25-1975, Hartselle. Giving false name to police officer. 

Ashley Isabell Sherman, 10-4-1993, Decatur. Theft of property, first degree. 

Fletcher Turney Jr., 12-23-1954, Hartselle. Menacinggun. 

Jonathan Tyler Steeples, 2-11-1998, Hartselle. Public intoxication and disorderly conduct. 

Trenton Turner Reed, 11-26, 1994, Hartselle. Theft of property, fourth degree. 

Sabrina Leigh Workman, 4-4-1994, Hartselle. Theft of property, fourth degree. 

Bryan David McIntyre Jr., Decatur. Theft of property, fourth degree. 

Angelia Carol Legg, 2-7-1967, Hartselle. Theft of property, fourth degree.