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Local man shares gratitude to Hartselle officer for saving son’s life

Bryan Bullard had a seizure a decade ago that left him unable to speak. Bryan and his father, Mike, communicate now by writing notes and using a little sign language. Mike and Bryan recently had to deal with a health scare when Bryan, who had not had a seizure in years, seized in the parking lot near Colors Paint and Body in Hartselle, where Mike is employed.  

Among all the emergency personnel who responded, they have a Hartselle police officer to especially thank for their positive outcome. 

It happened on the afternoon of Sept. 11, when the work day was ending. Mike said Bryan wanted to head to the car a few minutes early. When Mike followed soon after, he saw his son in midseizure, laying in the parking lot with blood flowing from a wound on his head. It was something Mike said sent him into a panic.  

Medics, an EMT and the Hartselle Fire Department were called to Bryan’s aid, and Mike said in addition to the first responders, it waa man who was not responding to the call for help, but just driving by at the end of his shift, who was a Godsend.  

Hartselle officer Patrick Niles was on his way to the police department that day when he came upon the scene, and he stopped to help when he saw the lead paramedic was alone 

Niles is a member of the Army National Guard, in which he serves as a medic. He works part time with Lifeguard, and he is a paramedic and a 26-year veteran police officer. 

Even after sedation medication was administered through an IV, Bryan continued to seize, Niles said, and the IV was pulled out. Niles then administered another IV in Bryan’s left arm to get the situation under control. 

Once loaded in the ambulance, Bryan was transported to Decatur Morgan Hospital and treated for his injuries. He is now on the mend, and his father said he is doing well.  

The three men greeted each other for the first time since the incident Friday – reminiscing on the frightening experience and sharing their gratefulness for its positive outcome.  

Mike said he believes police officers have a special calling 

“He’s fulfilling it,” Mike said. “I’m thankful for him. He saved Bryan’s life. I feel like the situation could have been a whole lot worse had he not come by.”  

I try to do the best that I can,” Niles said. “We’re supposed to take care of each other – and not just when I’m wearing this uniform or I’m doing something else. We just need to take care of one another and do good to one another.  

I’m just glad Bryan is doing a lot better,” Niles added. He shared with the pair that he had prayed for Bryan during the ordeal. As soon as they put you in the truck, I prayed, and I prayed over you while I was down there working with you. I’m glad I was put where I was most needed.”