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Hartselle city employees are top notch

If you have been in business for yourself or run a business, you will learn very quickly that your employees are your best asset.  

Now, many might think your ability to produce goods and services, or the funds you receive for the goods and services, are what makes your business successful, but without your people, you will soon fail at most operations. 

The City of Hartselle is no exception to this. We have some of the most dedicated folks I have ever had the privilege to work alongside each and every day.  

Regardless of the jobs they are entrusted to perform, each employee works just as if they are working for each citizen of our city.  

One of the reasons I can attest to this is because of the pride they take in their jobs and the number of our folks who call, text, email or let me know in person how great our city employees are. 

I could fill several pages with the compliments I receive about the folks I am privileged to work with. Very few weeks have passed that someone does not stop me in the grocery store, at church or in other places to let me know how someone with the city went out of their way to help them. 

Just this past week someone was bragging about how their child was very excited to see a police officer patrolling in their neighborhood. I do not have all the details, but this officer stopped and gave the young man a badge sticker. This child now has no doubt police officers are there to help, and he should never be afraid to approach an officer if he needs help.  

Until COVID, we have held a Junior Police Academy each year, and this was one of the goals – to help young people realize the job of police men and women and how they are there to serve and protect. 

I recently received a thank you for the great job Hartselle Parks and Recreation does in keeping the grounds well maintained at the Hartselle City Cemetery. These men work hard to keep the cemetery mowed and well-kept out of respect for those who are there as their final resting place and for the families that come to visit their loved ones graves. 

On several occasions I have had citizens let me know our sanitation folks made a special trip around the block to pick up and empty their cans. While the person knew they were running late getting the container to the curb, the driver made a loop and came back to help them out.  

A senior citizen shared with me about how the driver saw she was having trouble starting her lawn mower, and he pulled his truck over, got out and helped her get it started. 

I have watched, in person, our firefighters work to save a resident’s home and even help them search for belongings in the rubble – risking their lives or health trying to help someone in need.  

I have also had notes mentioning how caring our firefighters are on medical calls. One person sent a note to me sharing about how good they were to help her husband get up when he would fall and she could not get him back up. The men told her to never worry about calling them; they were there to help. 

I hear many times from folks who call or visit City Hall about how helpful our administrative staff members are to them. Even when it is not something the city handles, they always try to help them solve their issue, even going as far as looking for a solution to the persons need. 

I can’t say enough about the City of Hartselle’s employees, but I can say I am blessed to work with each of them and proud of the job they do. If you get a chance, let them know you appreciate them; they are great folks.