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Books of the Week Sept. 7 – 11


Author/Illustrator: Janell Cannon 

Reading level: 3.6 

Janell Cannon has created a wonderful story that can be used to help adults talk to children about the hurtful effects of teasing and bullying.  

In this storya young striped hyena on the East African savannah goes out exploring her world and quickly finds that not everyone is kind. The wild dogs, lion and zebra all tease her about various aspects of her appearance.   

She tries to change her looks by getting wet, rolling in pale dust and keeping her large ears flat.  

As she is quietly walking to her den in the twilight, the other animals see her but think she is a spirit. She takes the opportunity to talk to them and find out why they were so unkind; she tells them to appease the spirit,” they must work to make peace on the savannah.  

This is an excellent book to use when talking to children about how words can hurt and that it is not fair for anyone to feel bad or ashamed about how they look.  They should love and appreciate their own and other people’s uniqueness. 

Hope to see you soon at the library! Happy reading! 

TitleA Court of Thorns and Roses 

Author: Sarah J. Maas 

Reading level: Teen/young adult 

 This novel follows the life of Feyre Archeron 

Feyre knows to stay away from faeries. Faeries are dangerous, and their world is even more dangerous. However, she is thrown into their world.  

After fighting for her life, Feyre is kidnapped by a faerie named Tamlin. She is taken as prisoner for killing a member of Tamlin’s court.  

Throughout the book, Feyre must learn to forget her old life. She is to live with the faeries as their captive until her death – but her rebellious personality might give her another fate. 

This novel is a thrilling fantasy adventure. Being the first in its series, this book sets the stage for a continuing story rich in drama, romance and adventure.  

All of the characters in this book have diverse backgrounds and personalities, including strong female characters who learn to fight their own battles. This combination of different characters and strong women make this series a mustread for teens. This novel will keep any reader on the edge of his or her seat.