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Books of the Week Aug. 24 – 28


Author: Marissa Meyer 

Reading Level: Teen/young adult 

This novel explains how the Queen of Hearts became the most feared woman in Wonderland. 

Before the events of Alice in Wonderland, the Queen was just Catherine. She was a normal girl with many dreams for a happy future – but her hopes for a normal life are crushed when she learns she will be forced to marry the King of Hearts.  

A new dream for a happy future begins when she meets Jest. Jest is a lowly court jester who catches Catherine’s eye. The two of them must find a way for her avoid becoming Queen. The ending of her story, however, is already written, so the two of them must learn to make the best of what little time is left before she becomes the infamous Queen of Hearts. 

Despite the whimsical nature of this book, it is a great example of how dreams naturally change and growThis book effectively illustrates how difficult it is for teens and young adults to deal with impossible or broken dreams.  

Catherine’s struggle to maintain her independence turns her into a fierce adult who makes the best out of situations she cannot control. She is a great role model for teens who feel trapped. 

TitleThe Cool Bean 

Author: Jory John 

Illustrator: Pete Oswald 

Interest Level: Pre-K through first grade 

This is an adorable book that illustrates the concept of popularity in terms that children can understand and in such a way that they can empathize.  

All of the characters in this book are beans. They all start out in the same pod.   

The illustrations depict how three of the beans look similar, and the fourth one is different. The author and illustrator do a great job showing how the different one feels uncoolunsuccessful and sidelined.  

However, all it takes is one kindness from a “cool bean” to turn the tide and help little bean feel better about himself and learn what it really takes to fit in. 

I believe the earlier we start instilling attitudes of acceptance and sending messages to our kids that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, the more impact those lessons will have on our kids.   

Hope you have a blessed day! Happy reading!