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Arrests Reports July 21 through Aug. 5

David Andrew Hill, 11-25-1985, Decatur, criminal mischief second degree (damage to private property) 

Marcus Delano Goode Jr., 10-3-1997, Hartselle, Driving under the influence of a controlled substance 

Paige Olivia Chatmon, 6-14-1987, Hartselle, Driving under the influence of alcohol 

Benjamin Edker Urban, 1-8-1991, Hartselle, Attempting to elude a police officerdriving under the influence of a controlled substance; and illegal possession of prescription drugs 

Corina Cameo Keikiania, 8-29-1993, Decatur, Harassment (simple assault) 

Marcus Delano Goode Jr., 10-3-1997, Decatur, possession of a forged instrument second degree 

Lecnel Catalan Hernandez, 4-17-1987, Hartselle, Driving under the influence of alcohol 

Joshaua Trent Lorance, 2-18-2002, Hartselle, Harassment (simple assault) 

Brittney Morgan Horton, 12-28-1993, Hartselle, theft of property fourth degree (shoplifting) 

Tricia Marie Bilyou, 6-8-1979, Hartselle, Theft of property fourth degree (shoplifting) 

Marty Delano Steelman, 10-31-1958, Hartselle, Driving under the influence of alcohol 

Joshua Hames Hankins, 5-19-1989, Hartselle, Possession of drug paraphernalia and public intoxication