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Serve Day is another Hartselle success

Serve Day 2020 took place this past Saturday in many locations throughout the country and here in Hartselle as well. More than 500 volunteers from several churches in our city, along with members of the Hartselle High School football team, came together to serve our city.  

The Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce and the Nonprofit Cohort Committee of the chamber headed this event, which continues to grow each year. 

According to the Chamber: “Serve Day is an amazing opportunity to bless others and be blessed. Thousands of volunteers will go out into our communities and show the love of Christ in real and tangible ways. The Chamber’s non-profit cohort will choose various service projects that everyone can do together as a group on Serve Day, so there will be many ways to be involved. Service projects will be completed at, but not limited to, Hartselle City Schools, the City of Hartsellelocal government and Downtown Hartselle businesses.” 

During a kickoff rally from the Depot, shared virtually through Facebook Live to ensure social distancing, Sen. Arthur Orr shared a quote from Mother Teresa: 

“The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service and the fruit of service is peace.” 

This quote challenges each of us to bear fruit from our faith through love and service to others, which will lead to peace. 

After the kickoff, challenge groups from area churches, along with football players and adult leaders, left to begin the work they had been assigned. Projects included landscaping at Hartselle Police Department; landscaping, cleanup and painting at Hartselle Junior High; cleaning and sanitizing at Hartselle High; landscaping at Hartselle Intermediate; and other projects at other Hartselle City Schools.  

Other projects included landscaping and outdoor cleanup at The Burleson Center and yard work and clean up at individual homes for those who needed a little extra help.  

Volunteers also worked at the Morgan Baptist Association building, as well. Members of the football team pressurewashed sidewalks downtown and the visitor bleachers at J.P. Cain Stadium. 

Each worksite was sponsored by a group that provided cold bottled water and snacks for the volunteers. Morgan Baptist Association Disaster Relief prepared lunch for the volunteers. 

I had the pleasure of working with a group of volunteers from Forrest Chapel United Methodist Church and a group of tenthgrade football players. This group came to help work on the landscaping at The Burleson Center.  

This hard-working group of folks trimmed and cleaned up shrubs and pulled weeds in enough quantity to fill seven yard waste cans. The group also added 40 bags of mulch to the landscaped areas of the center.  

Some of the players had not performed landscaping before, but they trimmed shrubs, pulled weeds and spread mulch like pros on a hot Saturday morning. 

All volunteers worked hard, sweated a lot and made a difference in our city. These volunteers could have found other things to do besides getting up early and working on a Saturday morning, but they each unselfishly came out and served their community.  

A challenge to go out and serve from the rally held that morning, using the quote from Mother Teresa“Go out and serve; we could use the peace.” 

Thanks to all who worked hard Saturday serving our community, and thanks to those who planned, organized and put this into play; you served well.