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Coping with a pandemic

What a relief it was for me to turn my attention away from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and spend some quality time working outdoors.  

I’m thankful for a brief respite in weather conditions – rain being replaced with several days of blue skies, sunshine and summer-like temperatures. They made it possible for me to abandon four walls and a TV and catch up on some muchneeded work in the yard and garden. 

Not until I had worked several hours doing manual labor did I realize how soft my body had gotten while sitting in my recliner reading or watching pandemic updates on TV.  

I had to struggle to get out of bed the next day, and I was reminded how important it is to exercise the muscles daily, even indoors.  

It is hard to imagine that a flu-like virus is responsible for turning our world upside down.  

In a fight to control its spread, our strong economy is disrupted, millions of workers are unemployed, schools and churches are closed, retail businesses are shut down and the Olympics have been delayed.  

Meanwhile, senior citizens are shuttered in their homes, gatherings of 10 or more people are prohibited and socials distancing – 6 feet or more – is mandated in workplaces.  

When will it end?” is the unanswered question.  

A National Coronavirus Task Force, headed by the vice president, is working 24-7 to slow the spread, and research laboratories are testing for a vaccine. 

AdditionallyCongress has appropriated a $2.2 trillion relief measure in support of unemployed workers, small businesses and large employers. 

Each of us is playing a role in this pandemic fight if we are practicing safe personal hygiene habits listed in President Trumps “15 steps to help slow the virus.” They include hand washing, sanitizing workspaces, staying home and avoiding crowds. 

I find outdoor work uplifting mentally, spiritually and physically. Gardening is good exercise as well as a time for quiet thinking and appreciation for God’s wonderful world.