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Enquirer photo/Rebekah Martin Members of the Hartselle City Council discuss a resolution at a special called meeting March 19 that declared a state of emergency for the City of Hartselle.

Council declares state of emergency

The Hartselle City Council March 19 voted unanimously to pass a resolution declaring a state of emergency in the City of Hartselle.  

“Basically, this (resolution) is putting something in place if we need to utilize it,” said city attorney Larry Madison.  

There are certain powers the state code gives to municipalities in the event there’s been an emergency declared by the governor,” Madison explained, but of course you have to declare a local state of emergency to avail yourself of that.” 

Madison said the resolution will allow the city to circumvent the bidding process while the state of emergency is in effect. “If we needed to have some kind of contract or purchase goods over the limit for competitive bidding  that’s one thing we can do in an emergency is not go through the bidding process 

It allows for curfews and other measures,” he added. “(Authorizing the city) to enforce the governor’s orders as well. 

Madison said he couldn’t confirm for a fact, “but there’s some speculation that if you don’t have a local resolution you can’t qualify for some state aid if it’s forthcoming.”  

Resolution 20-0319 will be in effect until April 14 – at which time the council can extend it, if needed.