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Request to conserve water cancelled

Hartselle Utilities Water System is back in operation and pumping water to Hartselle, according to the department. “Thanks to HU for the quick repair to the system, as always they are most dependable and seek to serve their customers in the best way possible,” the City of Hartselle posted on its Facebook page.

Hartselle Utilities was able to restore electrical power to the water booster stations at the foot of Hartselle Mountain this morning, according to a statement by Bob Sittason. “(We are) currently able to safely operate the pumping equipment and supply water to Hartselle’s water system and storage tanks, as in normal operations,” the statement read.

“HU appreciates everyone’s cooperation and conservation efforts in assisting during this time and would like to thank Rodney and James Howell with Howell Electric; The City of Hartselle Fire Department and Public Works; and the dedicated employees of HU for their assistance in this matter.”