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Special to the Enquirer Front row, left to right, Nancy Tanner, Anita Buckley, Wanda Doss and Becky Tankersley. Back row, left to right, Carolyn Halford, Bonnie Teichmiller, Beth Bledsoe and Gail Baggs.

Partnership between Rainbow Garden, Hartselle Junior High School blooms

Partnership between Rainbow Garden, Hartselle Junior High School blooms  

Several years ago, when Hartselle High School was moved from Sparkman Street to its new building, a partnership was formed that still blooms today.  

Anita Buckley, who served as the past president of the club, said the partnership began when the faculty and staff wanted their new home to have a freshnew appearance.  She said the school had applied for and received a grant from the Morgan County Master Gardeners and as a first steps, appointed a committee composed of faculty, parents and community members to develop an improvement plan that included landscaping and improving the exterior.   

As a Rainbow Garden Club member, I was invited to work with the committee,” Buckley said. I readily accepted the invitation and goals were set and work began.  Also, as a garden club member, I knew the club was looking for an annual project to beautify Hartselle.  

The project had several phases, of which the first one was to complete a flower bed in the courtyard area, which is visible to local traffic, parents and students. HJHS students joined the effort and planted the shrubs in the courtyard. Even more, Caroline Weems, who teaches robotics classes at the school, used the project to challenge her students to design a prototype of potential irrigation solutions.  

Buckley said the next phase of the project was to work around the school sign that faces Sparkman Street. “Once again students were asked to volunteer to dig holes and plant different shrubs and plants,” she said. “The progress so far is thanks to the enthusiastic leadership of school administration, Rocky Smith and Tina Kimbrell.  This strong support from the school leadership has made a difference in the completion of each stage of the project, and has been an example to the students and parents.”  

Buckley added that parent and community volunteers have been important players in each stage of implementation. Barry Atchison of Hartselle Rosewood Nursery has provided valuable assistance and guidance in plant selection and placement,” she said.  

The Community of Hartselle can see and appreciate the increased beauty of the school as they drive by each day.  As a result of this project, more parents have become actively involved and have contributed hours of volunteer work.