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Title: “Sneezy the Snowman 

Author: Maureen Wright 

Illustrator: Stephen Gilpin 

Ages: Pre-K through second grade 


This book was selected by library assistant Sally Woodard. It is a super book to read and introduce the basic concepts of solid and liquid states of water.   

It is about this adorable snowman, Sneezy, who is just trying to get comfortable. He thinks he needs to be warm and keeps asking the children he is playing with to help by giving him hot cocoa or putting him in a hot bath.  

Obviously, those things do not help him, and the children keep having to rebuild him.   Through trial and a great deal of error, the children and Sneezy finally come up with a solution.   

This is a great cold, wintry day book!  Hope you have a blessed day and we see you soon at the library!