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Rotary hosts Scholarship Shoot

The Hartselle Rotary Club hosted a Scholarship Shoot for Hartselle High School seniors Mark Cera and Kelsey Crow. 

Cera and Crow were given the chance to take shots from four spots on the floor. Each spot was worth a different sum of money that would be added to their scholarship: A layup was $25, a free throw was $75, a three-pointer was $100, and a half-court shot was $500. 

Crow was the first to shoot. She hit a lay-up, a free throw and a three-pointer, for a total of $200 in scholarship money. 

Cera shot next. He hit all four shots, with his half-court shot coming as the buzzer sounded. He won a total of $700 in scholarship money. 

Dr. Mark Hendrix and Daxton Maze represented the Rotary Club in presenting Cera and Crow their scholarship checks. 

The Rotary Club aims to provide service to others, promote integrity and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the fellowship of business, professional and community leaders.