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Morgan County School Board moves forward on DHS facility

A new athletic facility for Danville High School isin the works, although no firm timeline is in place for when construction will begin.

The athletic facility was on the agenda of the Jan. 9 meeting of the Morgan County Board of Education, with the board voting on an agreement with architecture firm Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, of Birmingham, to design the new facility.

“This project is not funded yet, but we could see movement on that soon,” said Bill Hopkins, superintendent of Morgan County Schools. “The funding is dependent on a bond issue with the legislature, and there could be movement on that within the next year.”

The board and firm agreed on a tentative amount of $6,496,890 for the facility, with a cost-of-work fee of 6.2 percent for Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood.

“We want to be prepared for when we do solve the funding question,” Hopkins said. “This step puts us on a path to hit the ground running when that happens.”

Other agenda items included the approval of the Morgan County Board of Education Financial Procedures Manual, approval of a resolution authorizing Mercer and Associates to perform an audit of the department for the period of Oct. 1, 2018, through Sept. 30, 2019, the approval of a contract renewal with Information Transport Solutions for the system’s Wide Area Network for next school year and the approval of two out-of-state field trips.

Additionally, the board voted on 13 personnel changes with the school system, including two teacher resignations.

“Any changes that happen during the course of the school year pose problems for the system,” Hopkins said. “It’s hardest when those changes directly impact the students. It’s a pretty fluid process, though, and we always work to make the right moves when it happens.”