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Wedding trends and dazzling details 

Story by Rebekah Martin 

Photos by RAW Images and Lauren Coffey Photography



Trends: Some vanish overnight, and some are here to stay. Local wedding photographers and planners to bring you the dazzling details they’re seeing in the industry and the most exciting upcoming trends to expect in 2020. 

Return to tradition 

I’m seeing more and more brides move away from the trendy Southern, rustic style wedding and return to the sleek charactics of a classic wedding. Instead of first looks, brides are waiting until the ceremony to see their grooms, and they are sporting sleek ponytails and wearing classic gowns. 

Lauren Coffey, Lauren Coffey Photography


  • Pops of color 


I’ve seen a ton of brides this year who have favored a more neutral color palette and added pops of color in their bouquets, boutineers, arbors and centerpieces. Usually these colors are bright and vibrant and go a long way toward jazzing up a toned-down color scheme. 

Lauren Coffey, Lauren Coffey Photography


  • Personal touches


One size doesn’t fit all anymore, and we’re seeing it in weddings too. Brides and grooms are choosing to incorporate family heirlooms and personal touches into just about every area of their big day. One groom I know used a shotgun shell shot by his late grandfather as a boutineer as a way to remember his loved one. 

Lauren Coffey, Lauren Coffey Photography


  • Bringing the inside out


I’m seeing the use of indoor furniture used outside to add a bit of personality to a wedding. Velvet lounging chairs and antique doors used as props for photos are gaining steam. 

Cyndi Whitaker, Lillie Belle Weddings 


  • Casual footwear 


More brides are becoming less formal when it comes to their footwear. Comfort and style are important with this trend, and I’m seeing brides keeping it casual with white Keds or Kate Spade bridal shoes. 

Rachel Howard, RAW Images 



  • Non-traditional cakes and desserts 


Once upon a time, a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake were staples at any wedding. These days, unconventional desserts and cakes are becoming more popular. Anything from a donut wall to sheet cakes, cupcakes, naked cakes with little icing and smores bars are becoming a mainstay when it comes to sweet treats. 

Rachel Howard, RAW Images 


  • Colorful exits 


People are moving away from using sparklers at their reception exits, and some venues have prohibited them due to the fire hazard. I’m seeing colorful substitutions such as glow sticks, pom poms, rose petals, glitter and even sprinkles. These make for cute photos too! 

Rachel Howard, RAW Images 


  • Greenery instead of florals 


Ivy, eucalyptus, Italian ruscus and succulents are taking the place of filling a venue with expensive floral arrangements. 

Cyndi Whitaker, Lillie Belle Weddings 


  • Easy menus


Charcuterie tables, fruits, cheeses, taco bars, baked potato bars and popcorn bars are taking the place of full meals and multiple courses. 

Cyndi Whitaker, Lillie Belle Weddings