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Hartselle City Schools adds two school protection officers 

The Hartselle City Schools system will add two new school protection officers during the second semester, Hartselle Police Chief Justin Barley explained at the Hartselle City Council meeting Nov. 26. 

The addition of the two officers will complete police coverage for all the school campuses in the system, with at least one officer stationed at each of the system’s six schools.  

“There have been issues at schools nationwide,” Barley said. “This is one of the best ways to keep our kids and staff safe.” 

Hartselle Police Chief Justin Barley

Hartselle City Schools has two fulltime school resource officers, one each at Hartselle High and Hartselle Intermediate schools. The system added two SPOs at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year for added protection and safety.  

Barley said he aims for the two additional SPOs to be uniformed and in schools shortly after the second semester begins.  

The city council approved budget transfers totaling $17,000 to equip the new SPOs for HCS.  Transfers include $14,000 to be line itemed to minor equipment and $2,500 line itemed to uniforms.  

The budget transfer will cover the expense of equipping the two new SPOs with items including handguns, tasers, body cameras, car radios, portable radios, rifles, badges, ballistic vests, uniforms and duty gear.