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Hartselle Park & Rec on the move

By Randy Garrison

Since it is Labor Day when I am writing this column I thought I would share a few of the projects our hard-working Park and Recreation Department have been doing this summer. Several of the projects have been completed but a few still need more hours spent to compete. Sometimes this important part of the City of Hartselle does not get recognized for all they do to keep all facilities under their arm of responsibility functioning top notch.

Keeping a sparkling pool does not happen the week before the pool opens each May. Work goes on year around to keep everything in good condition for May, June, July and August. Even as the pool recently closed for the season, plans are to do work on the slides to have them ready for the next season. 

Green grass on athletic fields does not magically happen, much time, effort and tax dollars go into spraying, fertilizing, and mowing correctly to have the fields ready for play. But not only the fields, but the dugouts, bathrooms, concession stands and press boxes must be maintained in the off season to be ready for all the players and parents.

Also, Park & rec has been painting the lines on the field at J.P. Cain Stadium as well as the practice field at Hartselle High. They have also helped with mowing the fields getting ready for play this fall.

Keeping the Hartselle City Cemetery in good condition is placed on Park & Rec as well. Many man hours are spent during grass growing season to keep the cemetery looking well, each monument must have a weed eater go back after mowing, that alone is a 2-3-day process. But these guys do a great job and I am proud of each one who takes special pride in making sure it looks well maintained for the families with loved ones there.

But to go a step further I wanted to recognize Hartselle Park and Recreation and several of the projects they are working on throughout the city. Director Tom Chappell and his crew along with other departments in the city,  including the Department of Development and Public Works who have worked hard this summer with improvements at the park, cemetery, aquatic center, and athletic fields
Projects include:
New entrance sign at Hartselle City Cemetery along with removing trees along the entrance and improving the overall boundaries of the cemetery.
New Sundeck at the pool for additional seating and shade, this has been requested for several years
New goal posts for the youth football field
Updates and improvements to Walker Field for Flag Football
Lower Baseball Parking lot sealed and re-striped along with new entrance and exit
Curbs and gutters for the Soccer Parking lot, to be paved soon
New pavilion located by the pond at Sparkman Park
Painting the gazebo by The Depot on Railroad Street
Working on new Pocket Park downtown, soon to be open for use.

All these projects took place while keeping the pool operating, fields mowed, cemetery mowed, civic center open and operated and keeping all fields ready for use. We have a hard-working group of employees in the City of Hartselle and I extend my appreciation for all they do on this 2019 Labor Day. 

Thanks to all the hardworking city employees for their hard work and dedication to providing the best services possible for all the citizens of Hartselle.