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Who will be in heaven?

By Todd Barrier

 Who will be in heaven? You’ve probably heard this question before. 

Sometimes it’s an honest question from someone who really wants to know. Other times it’s a trap question designed to make someone give an answer so that others can “prove” how judgmental Christians are. 

The truth is, we can know exactly who is going to heaven. How, you ask? Simple: from the only authority we have on spiritual matters, God’s word. 

If you’ve ever wondered, here is who is going to heaven:

In Revelation 21:6-8, the Bible tells us the thirsty (6), the ones who overcome (7), those who aren’t cowards, those who believe and those who avoid unrighteous things like murder, sexual immorality, sorcery, idolatry and lying (8) will go to heaven.  

Who is telling us these things? We find that in those same verses: the Alpha and the Omega (6), God and His Son (7).  

We can go here or many other places in the Bible to find out who is going to heaven. 

It’s not judgmental to let someone know what the Bible says. We aren’t the final authority, but we can find the answers we seek by studying what the final authority has given to us to be our guide. 

If you want to know who is going to heaven, just look in His book, and He will tell you exactly who will and who won’t be there. Do you know the way? 

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