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Books of the Week Aug. 26-30

By Michelle Blaylock and Patricia Poe

Title: “Brownies with Benjamin Franklin”

Author: J. L. Anderson

This is a book from the “Time Hop Sweets Shop” series, which features beginning chapter books on a 3.4 AR level. 

I love the larger print in these books and the illustrations. We have had multiple parents and children say they really enjoyed them.  

There is a brief introduction for parents in the front of the books from the publisher, noting how the books are formatted and explaining the intent to introduce children U.S. history.   

The books are fun to read and are great read-aloud books. These books also include a biography, a few comprehension questions and websites for further information on the main topic.  

In this particular book, Ben Franklin pops into the sweet shop and takes the main characters back to his Philadelphia. The children see the beginning of his electricity experiments, learn how he managed printing and visit his home. It is a wonderful little adventure.   

These are fantastic books. Hope you will come visit us soon and check them out.

Special to the Enquirer

Title: “Chasing Fire” 

Author: Nora Roberts

This re-release of Chasing Fire is a great read for adventure-lovers, mystery-lovers and romance-lovers alike. 

The title alone tells you what it is about. The main characters are elite smoke jumpers who battle forest fires around the country. 

I learned a lot about smoke jumping and how they train to battle a fire. Interspersed throughout the book is a mystery that will keep you on edge and guessing “who done it.” 

A little romance, per Nora Roberts’ style, is included and helps bring the story to a satisfying end. 

The W.B. Huie Library of Hartselle has this book on our shelves. We hope to see you soon.