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Books of the Week July 15-19

By Michelle Blaylock and Patricia Poe 

William Bradford Huie Library 

For the Enquirer

Title: “Hidden Figures”

Author: Margot Lee Shetterly

This book, which inspired the film by the same name, is an incredible story chronicling the lives of several of the talented African-American women who were exceptionally gifted in mathematics and worked to put men on the moon.   

These are the women in whom NASA astronauts put their faith when it came down to checking the math and computations.  

It is amazing to read their stories. The movie is quite enjoyable; however, the book gives additional background on Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden, giving the reader more insight into these talented and gifted ladies’ lives.  

I encourage you to take the time to either read this book or listen to it through Camellia Net. Hope you have a blessed week!

Title: “The Shepherd’s Voice” 

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher

Genre: Christian Fiction

The Great Depression had overshadowed the country, and jobs were few and far between – but even more so for a convict. Gabe Talmadge is in desperate need of a job, so he returns home to an uncaring father and an unforgiving community. 

Sheep rancher Akira Macauley is kind enough to give him a helping hand and offers him a place to stay. 

True forgiveness is the essence of this wonderful story. 

The WBH Library of Hartselle has numerous titles by this author. We hope to see you soon.