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Books of the week

By Michelle Blaylock and Patricia Poe

William Bradford Huie Library

For the Enquirer

“Marty’s Mission: An Apollo 11 Story”

Author: Judy Young

Illustrator: David Miles

This is a wonderful fictitious story – based on a real event – about how a young boy named Marty helps the world hear the successful conclusion of Apollo’s mission.  

It has wonderful pictures, and the story draws readers in. It shows just how significant one ordinary person can be. With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing fast approaching, I want to encourage adults to share this history with our kids. 

“Never Let You Go” 

Author: Chevy Stevens

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

I normally do not read mysteries, and I cannot tell you why I picked up this novel, but I will tell you I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I could not put it down, and since I found this author, I have read one other book by her.

Lindsey takes her daughter and leaves her abusive relationship that has sent her ex-husband to prison. Years later, with her daughter as a teen and owning her own business, Lindsey will soon come face-to-face with her ex, who has been released from prison. Strange things will begin to happen to not only her and her daughter but also her new boyfriend. Who is doing these things, and why is her ex always around?

Come check out “Never Let You Go” by Chevy Stevens at the library and find out what happens.