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Javon Alldredge

Christ always helps us

We live in a time when many are crying for help.

Just like now, there were also some who were asking for help in biblical times. Always remember that Christ will never leave us nor forsake us.

Read Mark 1:40-42, Acts, Mark 10:51-52, Acts 8:34-35 and Luke 23:39-43.

Happy birthday wishes to Brenda Maples, Nov. 24; Nathan Alldredge, Nov. 25; Nate Saab, Marissa Lopez, Keri Rogers, Luke and Garrett Sutton, Cayden Reynolds and Meagan Hargrove, Nov. 26; Cathy Alexander, Lou Heath and Hunter Austin Smith, Nov. 27; and Theresa Chandler, Kathy Hines, Ryan Ogle, Tommy Adcock, and Allen Boyer, Nov. 29.