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Aha God moments

Most of us can probably remember when we were very young and hearing the creation story for the first time. Most likely it was in a Sunday School class or perhaps your parents or grandparents read you the creation story from the Bible. Wherever you heard this you believed with a child like belief from the adult who was sharing the story with you.

However as you grew older you most likely begin to believe the story through your own growing faith in God, and His being our Creator. As adults most Christians, and even those of other faiths, have no problem believing that God created the earth and all that is around us We all as well believe He created the animals and man and woman.

I am not going to get into the 6-day creation, resting on the day 7 degrees of interpretations. My take on this is God would have had no problem putting all of this together in 6 days if He chose to do so. Or as other theologians believe, the days were not necessarily 24 hour days as we now count a day containing. After all, there was no time until He created it, I suppose we could find that out when we get to heaven.

As an adult I have had the privilege of having what I like to refer to as a “God moment.” Now I am not saying that there have been times when I did not believe, but these are times that there was not a doubt whatsoever that not only did He exist but that all of creation was brought about by His hand.

Several have shared their moments with me and it is almost a feeling that your heart will explode from being so full of God and His grace. My wife had hers in Alaska; my friend and former pastor related his occurring in a cotton field. My moment occurred while visiting the Grand Canyon. I could close my eyes and almost see God taking His finger and carving out that masterpiece. Looking over the rim I could almost picture this happening and see the imprints from a finger on the walls.

Lynn and I were in South Florida in October of last year and while watching the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, I thought about the first sunrise over the waters and truly know this did not come about through some ‘big bang” action. The big bang was the voice of God commanding creation into being. His word spoke all of creation into life, since He is the creator of life.

The feeling deep within when you experience one of those moments is hard to describe, and will almost take your breath away. These moments are hard to put into words, but I do know I want to experience more of them. One of the best ways for me to describe that feeling is the one I get when we sing “Victory in Jesus” or “Because He Lives”, in church services. Many of you know that feeling. The feeling your heart is going to explode from beating so fast and being so full of God. The feeling that your chest is going to explode because you are so full of His spirit.

I hope if you have not had one of those moments that you will be able to soon, there is nothing like it, and I highly recommend having one.