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Letter to the Editor

I think it’s time for our school board to answer questions regarding the hiring of the Chief Financial Officer and the conditions he would be hired under. While they are at it, maybe they can explain the creation of a job position of a General Ledger Accountant, and the hiring of two sisters, to do what one individual has successfully done, for years. I also think the public, who is paying all three of these positions salaries, should be told, why the CFO is on a paid administrative leave and being investigated. Is it legal or ethical for one of the two sisters/employees to work for two different school systems?

Maybe while they are stuttering with their explanations of the aforementioned questions, they could also explain how two people are appointed to fill one board position, when over 80% of the voters in Hartselle, wanted an elected position. The timings of these appointments, is overwhelmingly questionable. Maybe our school superintendent might want to explain why allegedly, he applied for a superintendent’s job, in another school district, shortly after being hired as our school superintendent. Is our school not good enough for him? Is the pay not suitable?

Nepotism, circumventing board policies, conflicts of interest, possible ignorance and violations of state ethics laws, could quite possibly be the tip of the iceberg with our school board, and our school system. Sadly, while all this was allegedly taking place, our superintendent and school board sophisticates weren’t able to see all the bright red flags that were soaring in the wind.

To add insult to injury, our new mayor and council are contemplating sharing the tax revenue off alcohol sales with the school board. Why? They have enough money to pay for “created” job positions and enough money to adjust another newly employed individual’s pay, so why would they need any extra money?

No money from alcohol sales should ever reach the school system, until they come clean and be completely transparent with the taxpayers with what’s taking place inside our school system. The alcohol tax revenue should be solely used for emergency services, such as police and fire equipment and personnel. If anything is left after those two entities needs are met, then it should go to other city departments, not our school system!



Mike Dowdy

Hartselle, AL