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Fall, a time for preparation

Randy Garrison

Hartselle Enquirer


Some have mentioned that fall means the end of summer and the end of all fun activities that take place during summer. But I am going to reflect that fall is a time to prepare and make plans to help each of us over the upcoming winter months.

Even the trees shed their leaves and prepare to go into a type of hibernation so thatthey will be able to bloom again in the coming spring. Just as they trees move to a new season so should be prepare for the change in season to come.

Fall gives us time to prepare our homes for the upcoming cold and rainy season. We might want to make sure our heating source is ready to keep us warm on those long winter nights, also making sure our outside pipes are covered and ready to withstand those below freezing temperatures that are sure to come.

Fall also means that harvest time is here. Just as the farmers harvest the cotton from the fields and the pumpkins are ready for harvesting, we have time to get our lives in order and bring in our own harvest.

The squirrels are gathering nuts to keep them from starving over the winter months, so should we be prepared for times that we cannot get to the grocery store and maybe stock up on water and other items that we might need in case we have a 2 or 3 day stretch of not having power due to ice or snow. Having batteries and a source of portable light might also be a good plan of action as well.

Just as the horses and cattle add extra covering their bodies during the fall, keeping a blanket, warm clothes and some water inside your vehicle could keep you warm and hydrated should you get stuck on the highways when an unexpected winter storm catches you between work and your home. In terms of your vehicle make sure it is ready for the cold weather coming up. Make sure you have good tires for rain and winter precipitation covered roads. Make sure your battery will help start your car on those cold winter mornings, and keep your tank at least half full just in case you find yourself trapped on the interstate and not able to reach your destination.

Our relatives of a couple of generations back knew preparation was the key to surviving a long winter. While most of us cannot fathom running out of food over the winter, or not having fuel to keep our homes warm, our grandparents and great grandparents faced that situation each year.

Also fall is a good time to make sure our spiritual life is in good working order as well. As summer winds down and the slower days of fall move in stop and reflect on the blessings you have received over the year and pause and give thanks for those blessings each day.

The beauty of nature can still be seen as the leaves change color, the frost is on the pumpkins and the cool chill that you feel when you walk out on fall morning, but winter is coming so use the time wisely to prepare. Thank you Lord for all the seasons and for the beauty of the earth that you have created.