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Great kids at HCS

Just in case any of you are wondering about the future of our town and those who will be coming along behind us, I think for the most part you can stop worrying. If some of the kids I have had the pleasure of meeting, talking with and photographing the past few weeks continue on their course, our future is in good hands.

I have been able to visit all of the schools except Hartselle High since this term started back in August. Not that I have not wanted to visit the high school, the events there have been covered by someone else. But I dare to say one could not find a group of young folks any better than what we have in Hartselle.

All of the Pre-K up to junior high students I have come in contact with have been very well behaved and very well mannered. Now some may not talk as much or make eye contact with you as others, and some junior high kids are not that keen on getting their picture made for the newspaper. I suppose that getting your picture taken in front of a fire truck does lose some of the appeal after you become a young teenager.

I have watched third graders completing experiments separating the fat from milk. I have watched kindergarteners eyes light up while looking at a cow and calf or a Shetland pony. I have made great pictures of first graders dressed up as cowboys and farm hands.

Just last week I watched a young man complete a Rubik’s cube puzzle in 1 minute and 30 seconds. I also attended a program to honor a young man who saved his grandfather from drowning.

Also, last week I watched a group of kids from HIS get excited over collecting over 11 gallons of pop-tops they will donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Another group from BBES is also collecting pop- tops for the same organization.

I saw science projects from 6th graders that would rival some high school projects and students excited telling me about winning ribbons in a math competition.

We have really great kids in our schools, excited to learn and willing to work hard to give back to our community. I am glad to be able in some small part to recognize their achievements and honor their accomplishments. I am proud of the kids here and hope we are always able to give them the opportunities they need to be the best educated and ready to move out into college or career field, as well as be great contributors to society.

One of the ways we can help continue to offer the opportunties for our kids is to keep the funding in place for our schools.

On October 27 please join me in voting to continue the current level of funding for Hartselle City Schools. Let us all make sure our kids have all they need to succeed and continue the tradition that has been Hartselle City Schools for 40 years.

Let us all do our part and so our kids can keep up the good work they have begun.