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HIS receives grant

Hartselle Intermediate School recently received a $10,000 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. According to HIS physical education teacher Chris Wimberly, the plan is to implement blue-tooth heart rate monitors into the PE curriculum. By using the heart rate monitors they will be able to collect and monitor data necessary to show if the physical fitness programs they are using are effective in increasing the cardio vascular health of the students.

The data can be collected and organized either by individual students or by entire classes. Each student will be able to see if they are hitting the target heart rate needed for helping their cardio health fitness.

With any funds leftover after purchasing the heart monitors the school will look at other needs that could benefit the fifth and sixth graders at the school.

Plans are being looked at as well to partner with the Hartselle Junior High IMPACT program to add a second location for students, educators and others to have a place to workout.

“ Our ultimate goal is to provide students with the knowledge and training to become healthier and lead a lifestyle that promotes lifelong health and wellness,” Wimberly stated.