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Battle of the Classes thrills again

Caleb Suggs

Hartselle Enquirer

Homecoming week continues to rage on with the annual Battle of the Classes that was held Thursday September 24 at Hartselle high school. The students gathered in the gym to watch their class teams, filled with five male and five female members, compete against each other in various events. The seniors came in with a commanding 2-0 lead in events over all the other classes and the rest of the classes new that this event was very crucial in the final outcome of homecoming week. The atmosphere was electric and the sound was deafening as both sides of the gym were packed out.

Each class could gain no leverage on the other as they all took various places in the different events. The events included three legged race, pie eating, musical chairs, tug of war, corn hole, and dodge ball among others. The classes went back and forth until finally it came down to either the sophomores or the seniors that would be decided by dodge ball. The sophomores were down slightly as they needed to beat the juniors as well as needing the seniors to lose to the freshmen. The sophomores did their part by beating the juniors in dramatic fashion. However, the freshmen couldn’t pull off the upset over the seniors as the seniors would win and take a 3-0 lead in homecoming events. With only two events remaining, those being the class floats and the pep rally, the seniors are well ahead.