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Depot Days a winner

Who would’ve every thought Hartselle Mule Days, the predecessor to Hartselle Depot Days, would grow into a community event with the capacity to draw crowds exceeding 15,000 people and land on the pages of nationally circulated magazines.

Mule Days had its moments with mule fanciers who would travel a hundred miles to see mules and wagons and riders parade through downtown and then spend the remainder of the day watching show class and weight- pulling competitions. While the sidewalks on Main Street were crowed with parade watchers, much smaller crowds were present for the show classes and auctions that were held at the Morgan County Mounted Posse Grounds three miles northwest of downtown.

Despite some objections, we can look back and see that it was a good move to change the event to Hartselle Depot Days and move it to downtown.  Regardless of the weather, the all-day Saturday celebration has drawn huge crowds of home folks as well as their out-of-town family members and newcomers who have learn about it by word of mouth.

It any one thing stands out as a motivator, it’s probably because activities are designed to appeal to every member of the family, with Saturday’s celebration drawing the biggest crowds by far. Automobile fanciers come to view the antique cars, distance runners compete in the half-marathon, shoppers patronize the merchandise vendors, music lovers spend time in the entertainment tent and children flock to the rides and food vendors.

If you have missed a Depot Days Saturday lately, it’s not too late to get back in the habit.

Saturday is the big day. Activities will begin at 8 a.m. and continue throughout the day.  A full day isn’t needed to take in the festivities. Two or three hours are all that’s needed if you’re a fast walker.  You’ll still have plenty of time to see your favorite college football game aired on TV.

You can see and do a lot without spending a penny. However, any time you buy a bottle of cold water or tickets for your child to have fun on the kids’ rides, you will know that the day’s profits will benefit Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce.

Clif Knight is a staff writer for the Hartselle Enquirer.