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Orange for Kane

Paul Wilson

Hartselle Enquirer


Colors, many people proudly wear them in support of their favorite football team on Friday and Saturday nights in the fall.  Whether it’s the navy blue and orange of Auburn, the crimson and white of Alabama or even the stomach bile orange and white found in Knoxville, fans wear them as a show of support for their school.  Friday night, many people who attended the Danville-Vinemont football game at Danville’s Smith-Owens Stadium wore the color orange.  It was not in support for either team but rather in support of a young man who is battling a much tougher opponent than either Danville or Vinemont will face this season.

The young man, Kane Hogan of Danville; the opponent, leukemia.  This past January, Kane, now a sophomore, was diagnosed with the dreaded disease.  He has had good days and bad but Kane, with a strong faith in God and his family, is not just fighting leukemia he is serving as an inspiration to many others, including the entire Danville community.

Last Friday night, with Sports Illustrated at the game to conclude a story on him, the Danville family, as well as many from Vinemont, showed Kane just how much they support him.  As for the game, the Danville Hawks, with Hogan serving as one of the game captains, dominated the final three quarters of the contest to win 49 – 3.