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Cleaning my own glass house

Last week I had a phone call from someone I have known and respected for many years. This person wanted to remind me that lots of folks do not need to be throwing stones in their own glass houses. I thought about this statement and in light of some of the things that have occurred or been brought to light in the last week all of us might want to take heed of those words.

Depending on what your definition of a glass house is could possibly change the way you feel about the statements I am about to make. One thought is whatever we do in darkness will be brought out in the light of day, both good and not so good. Another could be that all of us make mistakes and have done things that we do not always want everyone to know about. Another glass is fragile and easily broken.

In writing these words, I am referring to myself and not in any way standing in judgment of the actions of others. I for one make many mistakes, past, present and future. There are actions I would have taken differently today than perhaps the way I handled situations in the past. There are actions I might take now that would be handled differently if I could see into the future and the ramifications of those actions.

But going back to the glass house analogy, I am thinking in terms of not what our family and friends, co-workers and even fellow church members think of our words and actions, but most importantly what God thinks of how we are living our lives. Just because we think others around us cannot see how we live our lives, we are not escaping from the One who knows all of our thoughts and deeds.

Regardless of how dark we may live in our glass house the light of God can see right through what is happening in our hearts just as if it were clear glass. I wish I could use this test more often in my own life: earthly choices will reap eternal consequences. This test would most likely change how some of us go about our daily lives.

I know there are things in my life that I could do much better than I do now. I am going to work on cleaning the glass in my house so that I work harder at being a better person, loving others and trying harder to do what God expects of me. Maybe His light will be what is seen from my glass house and not the dirty smudged glass image I project sometimes. Maybe by cleaning my own glass I can see where others who are struggling could use a little help.

Randy Garrison is the president and publisher of the Hartselle Enquirer.