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Frances Walker celebrates 90th birthday with motorcycle ride

One local woman recently celebrated her 90th birthday with one of her favorite activities: motorcycle riding.

Frances Walker, a resident of Summerford Nursing Home, took a 100-mile motorcycle ride on the day before her birthday. According to Debby Johnson, Walker’s son, Paul Walker, is a safety instructor for Harley Davidson, and he frequently took her on rides. Although Frances loves riding, she had not been since her 85th birthday.

The mother and son rode towards Double Springs and through Bankhead National Forest. Although Johnson followed the motorcycle in her car as a safety precaution in case Frances Walker became too tired to finish the ride, she never wanted to stop riding.

“You cannot go fast enough or turn sharply enough for her,” Johnson said. “She smiled the entire time.”

According to Frances Walker, the experience made her feel youthful.

“This makes me feel young again in my head and my heart,” she said. “I just wish my body knew how my mind feels.”