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Confederate flags and monuments


I would like to address the subject of the Confederate flags and monuments and disseminate a bit of true information in light of the unfounded hysteria that has demonized a group of valiant American soldiers who were defending their country from an invading army. Additionally, they were exercising their Constitutional right to withdraw from a tyrannical government, which did not represent their best interests. Although it is referred to as a civil war, the Southern states had no want, need or desire to overthrow the Union government, but just wanted to be left alone.

As I have nowhere near enough pages to express all of the historical facts that led up to the conflict, the conflict itself and the aftermath, I would like everyone to go to to read the many facts and answered questions pertaining to the War for Southern Independence and learn why the Southern soldiers took up arms and what the Sons of Confederate Veterans are about.

What I would like to know is, prior to the horrible event that happened in Charleston, how many people ever gave much thought to the Confederate flags or monuments? And now, after Charleston, how many people have allowed themselves to be conditioned to blame these symbols on all forms of racism, hatred and bigotry? Prior to Charleston, how many people did not care if Wal-Mart, Amazon or any other business sold products with the Confederate flag products? Hopefully a multitude.

Ignorance is a choice; there is no reason for anyone in this society to be spouting parroted rhetoric based on what they have heard or have been taught incorrectly. Instead, before formulating opinions, try accessing the truth through the plethora of resources available, like official war records, files, letters in the Library of Congress and the many footnoted books available. Truth and knowledge are always good things to have before one’s opinions are voiced through our First Amendment right, if for nothing other than to keep from showing one’s ignorance to the whole world.

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt,” Mark Twain said.


Submitted by Lee Y. Greene Jr.

Roger Hill, Adjutant

Woodall Bridge Camp 296

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Hartselle, Alabama