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Morgan County Marriage Licenses

•Glennis Dale Smith, 04-29-1972, of Alabaster to Julie Ann Burrow, 09-29-1975, of Falkville.

•Ian John Herron,, 03-17-1994, of Falkville to Rachel Marie Mullins, 07-02-1996, of Falkville.

•James Anthony Popdan, 06-06-1966, of Danville to Lynn Walden, 10-06-1956, of Danville.

•Phillip Oneal Williams, 0-05-1985, of Decatur to Ashley Joan Phillips, 05-25-1985, of Decatur.

•Jacob Benjamin Chappell, 08-24-1996, of Somerville to Abby royelle Hopkins, 03-29-1993, of Somerville.

•Farandus Tyrone Hurley, 12-15-1989, of Trinity to Sara Jean Hemen, 03-26-1991, of Trinity.

•Samuel Asbury Mink, 06-28-1952, of Decatur to Lisa Lynn Taylor, 10-18-1967, of Decatur.

•Willie Lee Orr, 12-15-1940, of Courtland to Elizabeth Vaughn, 06-17-1951, of Decatur.

•Christopher Wayne Morris, 02-17-1982, of Danville to Heather Alesia Merkle, 07-23-1985, of Danville.

•Jeremy Blyth Roberts, 06-28-1986, of Union Grove to Ashley Elizabeth Moore, 06-30-1986, of Union Grove.

•Geoffrey Paul Cameron, 09-11-1984, of Madison to Megan Christine McMurray, 02-13-1991, of Huntsville.

•Jordan Isiah Rauch, 07-29-1996, of Falkville to Felicia Marie Warren, 05-11-1998, of Somerville.

•Scott Luverne Riedberger, 03-14-1953, of Hartselle to Donna Sue Vick, 04-20-1971, of Hartselle.

•Jaquuez Ulandis Scruggs, 05-03-1989, of Decatur to Mikila Kiara Myers, 07-24-1989, of Decatur.

•Whitney Forrest McCurley, 04-10-1986, of Hanceville to Adrian Leah Halloran, 04-12-1982, of Hanceville.

•Joshua Wesley Wallace, 07-05-1987, of Cullman to Brittany Lashea Wallace, 04-16-1987, of Cullman.

•Dustin Paul Smith, 09-06-1988, of Hartselle to Ashley Layne Elrod, 09-29-1992, of Hartselle.

•Stacey Dale Blazer, 09-05-1972, of Decatur to Corina Rose Klosinski, 05-11-1990, of Decatur.

•Daniel William Grady, 12-02-1980, of Hartselle to Holly Elizabeth Hale, 03-29-1992, of Hartselle.

•Courtree Randez Johnson, 08-20-1986, of Hartselle to Brittany Geneva Warner, 06-01-1987, of Decatur.

•Christopher Steven Witherspoon, 04-14-1971, of Vinemont to Tammie Annette Wilson, 03-23-1966, of Vinemont.

•Joshua Bradley Tidwell, 12-22-1990, of Decatur to Rachel Elizabeth Barber, 01-02-1992, of Decatur.

•Santiago Gutierrez Hernandez, 07-29-1992, of Decatur to Dalia Cienfuegos Jimenez, 02-21-1995, of Decatur.