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Morgan County Marriage Licenses

•Hunter Edward Denson, 07-30-1986, of Birmingham to Justine Yu-Ping Davis, 01-13-1989, of New York, N.Y.

•Jefferey Lynn Smith, 12-18-1983, of Decatur to Jessica Louise Harris, 07-26-1988, of Decatur.

•Kenneth Lance Howard, 06-15-1985, of Hartselle to Ashley Michelle McFall, 11-24-1986, of Hartselle.

•David Norman May Bone, 08-09-1995, of Decatur to Erica Abigail Soto Rico, 03-29-1996, of Decatur.

•Appala Rongali, 08-24-1985, of Huntsville to Kellie Dawn Teague, 09-30-1981, of Athens.

•John Fletcher Tanner, 05-18-1988, of Decatur to Allison Elaine Smith, 06-13-1990, of Hartselle.

•Ricky Scott Smith, 07-07-1983, of Decatur to Kristie Anne Hamilton, 01-09-1984, of Decatur.

•Brad Lamar Steele, 12-14-1988, of Hartselle to Kayla LeeAnne Livingston, 04-28-1988, of Hartselle.

•Daylan Cartez Woodall, 07-04-1991, of Huntsville to Kyra Jatara Lee, 10-22-1986, of Huntsville.

•Bennie Lamar Standridge, 08-13-1953, of Trinity to Joyce Diane Peacock, 03-21-1948, of Trinity.

•Edward Jay Ager, 10-27-1975, of Somerville to Traci Deann Russell, 03-15-1973, of Somerville.

•Franklin Walter Gurney, 10-15-1941, of Hartselle to Hesta Wallace Atkins, 07-14-1941, of Hartselle.

•Richard Blake Geahr, 09-28-1993, of Somerville to Tiffany Brooke Ham, 03-03-1995, of Falkville.