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Man arrested after attempt to disarm an officer

A Decatur man was arrested Sun., July 19, after attempting to disarm an officer.

Tyris Kinniard Lewis, 28, of 105 Poplar Court, made a left turn at a red light early Sunday morning. A Decatur Police Department officer was at the same red light, and he attempted to stop Lewis. The officer and another police unit began pursuing Lewis, who eventually stopped at his residence. When Lewis exited his vehicle, he pointed his hands at the officers as if he was holding a gun. The officer realized that Lewis did not have a gun, so he did not fire his weapon. Lewis began approaching the officer, and the officer retreated and attempted to return his gun to its holster. Lewis continued walking towards the officer and was able to grab the officer, causing him to fall to the ground. During the ensuing fight, Lewis attempted to take the officer’s weapon. The officers from the other unit were able to pull Lewis off the officer.

The officer was taken to Decatur Morgan Hospital and treated for his injuries.

Lewis was arrested and charged with assault in the second degree (police officer), disarming a police officer and numerous traffic and misdemeanor offenses. All of these are class c felonies. Lewis is held without bond.